Quality & Testimonials

At AKP we are dedicated to build quality into all our processes through implementing and maintaining effective Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs).

Extensive training of our hand-picked, experienced professional staff assures the highest proven standard of compliance with ICH-GCP, FDA and local regulations.

Our commitment to customized support guarantees that AKP is always up-to-date regarding the status of your study. This focussed, individual service ensures your questions will be answered promptly and with reliable, high quality.

Several audits performed by sponsors and Regulatory Authorities certify the high standard of service and quality delivered. Additionally, feedback form investigators and sponsors characterizes us as a sustainable and reliable partner.


What sponsors said about us

"AKP delivered very good quality of work: study was audited by the local Authority (Regierungspräsidium) and two GCP site-audits were performed with excellent results."

"Very good data quality - lowest query rate"

"AKP has a proprietary process in place to do things right the first time, and thus,
increase effectiveness and efficiency."

"It is the merit of AKP that the study in total could be completed exactly in time"

"AKP made a very significant contribution to the timely completion of the study,
despite several hurdles, and at the same time with very high quality standards."

"Investigators were satisfied with AKP."

What investigators said about us

"We could always reach a contact person by phone or via e-mail who could
provide competent advice."

"Until today we never experienced such an outstanding support by a CRO."

"Important medical questions were answered immediately and competently
e.g. regarding patient inclusion criteria."

"The review of documentation at our site was always performed very accurately."

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